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CN1 | Label Printing Retail Scale – 30Kg


Network Printing Scale
Brand | CAS
Max Capacity | 30 Kg
Readout | 10 g
Display | 7″ Color Display (800×480)
Origin | China


  • Remote Control & Print
  • Remote Firmware Update
  • 7″ Vivid Color Display
  • CL Series Compatible


Network Label Printing Retail Weighing Scale

Introducing the first product of the new CN series, CN1. CN stands for “CAS NETWORK” and is a printer scale lineup with enhanced network functionality.

It features robust remote functionality based on enhanced networks and improved information transfer capability with a 7″ color display.

CN1 is compatible with the existing CL series.

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1) USB Port for barcode scanner, keyboard, USB memory stick
2) LAN for weighing network system
3) RJ11 for cash drawer
4) RS-232C for external printer, PC
5) Wireless LAN for Wi-Fi (optional)

Remote control & print

Via CN1 remote software, users can connect CN1 scale remotely and check status and malfunction of scale. In addition, CN1 software includes remote printing function which user can view actual CN1 printed images remotely.

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7″ vivid color display

Via 7″ color display with 800X480 resolution & user-friendly UI, it is easy to check product information and weight, and operate a scale.

PLU and programmable function keys

CN1 has 72 PLU keys and 36 function keys. also, it can store up to 10,000 PLU and quickly transfer PLU data for scale to computer or computer to scale via Wi-Fi or RS-232C.

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Remote firmware update via ethernet

Users can update the firmware of CN1 remotely when connected to wired or wireless ethernet.
Also, Firmware updates can be easily done by connecting RS-232C or USB flash drives as before.

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Product Specifications

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Product Drawing

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