Analytical & High Precision Scales

Analytical and high precision scales
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Analytical and High Precision Scales

Giropes, via the Baxtran brand, has taken a step forward in its range of analytical and precision scales for laboratories. 

The new HA, HS, ADA and ADP scales join the HZ, HG, HL, HLV and HLZ analytical scales, completing a comprehensive range to provide solutions to meet all the sector’s needs.

The high-precision HA scale helps guard against vibrations as it is equipped with an extendable indicator to prevent alteration of the samples when interacting with the scale.

The HS scale with top- and side-opening windbreak cabin allows easy sample handling in line with the user’s objectives. 

The internal calibration option ensures greater reliability for weighing very low-weight samples with the highest possible levels of accuracy.

Finally, the ADA and ADP scales are designed to provide high accuracy for heavier samples. 

The option of choosing between a model with a windbreak cabin (ADA) or another model with a 160 mm diameter plate (ADP) makes this scale one of the most versatile in the sector.